Ritz Carlton Dubai- Review of Club Lounge and Lobby Lounge

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During our recent trip to Dubai, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Jumeirah Beach.  Upon arrival we were upgraded to a Club Level room, and as benefit, enjoyed access to Club Lounge.  In a previous post we reviewed the room and the grounds.  In this post we’ll review the Club Lounge and the Lobby Lounge.

Every morning we had breakfast at the Club Lounge.  We found the lounge to be clean, modern and it was never crowded. 

Club Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Dubai

We chose the same table every day, by the glass doors that led to the balcony.  Every morning was clear and crisp with the sound of birds chirping.  

Club Lounge Seating
View from the Club Lounge balcony towards Ain Dubai

After we walked in we took our seats the attendant came over to take our drink order.  After that we headed to the buffet area.  There was a plethora of fruit, milks, cereals, yogurt and breads.

Club Lounge Breakfast
Breakfast at Club Lounge
Breakfast pastries and breads

There was an omelet ordering window with an attendant ready to take our order.  If an omelet isn’t what you are in the mood for, there’s plenty of other choices.  Turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, yogurt and pastries are a few of the many choices you will find.  You can also order from the Club Lounge menu.

Breakfast bowl of mueslix, figs, honey and almonds
Pancakes, waffles, beans, grilled tomatoes and crepes
Breakfast cereals and milks
Afternoon tea cheeses and fruit

In the afternoon the Club Lounge holds casual afternoon tea with drinks and light snacks.  It was a great place to relax after a morning of exploring old town Dubai.

Afternoon tea pastries and tea
Club Lounge Seating Area
Afternoon tea sandwiches
Afternoon Tea fruits, cheeses and crackers
Club Lounge Seating Area
Fruit bowls at Club Lounge afternoon tea
Honey rack, cheese and crackers

The Club Lounge holds a Chocolates and Digestives gathering in the evening.  It includes fruits, wine and other drinks.  


The Lobby Lounge is a large open room with hanging sparkling chandeliers and comfortable sitting areas.  There’s also a bar where you can order some light meals and drinks.    

View to property from Club Lounge

There’s plenty of choices on the property for eating.

Lobby Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Dubai
Jing Tea served at the Lobby Lounge
Evening at the Lobby Lounge Ritz Carlton Dubai

The Afternoon English tea is served in the beautiful Lobby Lounge.  The day we left the Afternoon English Tea was being served and there was a harpist in the lounge making it for a relaxing afternoon.  

Proper English Tea at the Lobby Lounge

The Traditional Tea experience is 195 AED and the Royal Tea experience, which includes a glass of champagne is 305 AED.  That’s about $50 USD and $76 USD per person, depending on the conversion rate. 

Tea Cart at Lobby Lounge

The Club Lounge with its many offerings was an excellent place for breakfast and light snacks in the afternoon. If it’s included in your stay definitely take advantage of this great perk!


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