The Spa at the Conrad Maldives

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We were waiting excitedly at the Male Airport, (Conrad Lounge) for the seaplane. The seaplane would fly us to the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island.

Male Maldives Airport, Walkway to Seaplanes

A massage therapist from the The Spa offered complimentary mini massages while waiting to board. We took up the offer! After a mini shoulder and neck massage the therapist let us know about a deal at The Spa.

If we signed up for a 60-minute massage on that day (to be done at The Spa on Rangali Island) we could get 30 minutes tacked on for free.  So, in essence, getting a 90-minute massage for the price of a 60-minute massage. She didn’t have to tell us twice, we both signed up.

The Spa at the Conrad Maldives

When we arrived at The Spa we asked if we could shower off as it had been a very warm and humid day. They made a few phone calls and checked us in.  

Spa at the Conrad Maldives

We were served hot tea and given warm towels to clean our hands. We filled out questionnaires and waited for the therapists. 

Arrival at Check In

Our wait time was about ten minutes. The massage therapists came and escorted us down a long wood hallway to our separate massage rooms.  The Spa was incredibly organic and beautiful. Also, it was very, very quiet. I heard not another soul besides my therapist the whole time.

Hallway at The Spa Conrad Maldives
Dressing Room at Spa Conrad Maldives

I was asked if I wanted to take a shower to which I confirmed yes.  After changing in the dressing room the therapist led me to an outside shower.  

Outside Shower at Massage Room Conrad Maldives

The shower was on a wooden platform outside of the massage room.  Showers are taken under the open skies. There is a wooden fence that encompasses the room for privacy.  If you’re not comfortable with that make sure you let you therapist know.  

Massage Room at Spa Conrad Maldives

After the massage (which was mediocre at best), I was escorted back to the waiting area. There we were served hot tea and cookies.  


After our light snacks we settled our bill with The Spa.  For two 60-minute massages the total was $445.  That did not include a tip for each of the therapists. Yes, it was expensive. Unless you really want the experience at The Spa I would not recommend a massage there. I feel it was not worth the money we spent.

Walkway to the Spa at Conrad Maldives

Every which way you look there is beauty and tranquility.