Camel Trek at Sunset at the Al Maha Resort

Camel Trek at Sunset at the Al Maha Resort

Our stay at the Al Maha Resort included two complementary activities each day.  There were seven complementary activities to choose from. 

  • Falconry
  • Nature Walk
  • Ghaf Tree Walk
  • Wild Life Drive
  • Camel Trek
  • Sundowners
  • Archery

Guests are matched up with a field guide, and the field guide will help arrange the activities.

One of the activities we couldn’t miss out on was the camel trek.  Guests ride by camel into the desert to watch the sunset. We enjoyed drinks and snacks as the sun went down over the Arabian desert.

We met at the main reception area, and then proceeded to the edge of the resort where a caravan of camels were awaiting us.

The camels were arranged in two lines, with two camel drivers to assist us along the journey.

Here’s our camel, his name was Champs

The view from above

We headed off into the desert

It was about a thirty minute ride to our desert destination

Upon arrival, the staff and field guides had set up benches and a table with drinks and snacks.

Watching the sunset in the Arabian Desert

After sunset, we rode the camels back to the Al Maha Resort

The Al Maha Resort is an amazing place, and the camel trek was a great way to spend an evening.

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