Old Town Nice, France

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Warmth is all around as we walked through old town Nice in France.  We can feel the sun’s warmth on our faces and see it on the facades of the building and alleyways.  The colors on the buildings in Nice are definitely warmer toned than you find in northern areas of France.

Old Town Nice
Alleyways in Nice

The old town open air market, also known as Cours Saleya Market, is filled with the fragrance of flowers from local growers.  Soap vendors, also known for France’s lavender soaps abound.  If you are hungry, you will find a good amount of small eateries and sit down restaurants on the outskirts of the market.

Cours Saleya Market

Though Nice is a French city, it was once ruled by a country that also ruled Italy, the Kingdom of Piedmont.  With the border of Italy only being 15 miles away, the feel of Nice is much more Italian than French.  There’s Italian influence in the buildings, the food, and the people.  The people are warm and friendly and you will see much more pasta and pizza on the menus.

Colline Du Chateau

Just outside of old town Nice you can find Colline du Chateau or Castle Hill.  You can get to the top by either walking up many, many stairs, or taking the Ascenseaur Du Chateau (elevator).  At the top of Castle Hill there’s a nice walking trail, a man made waterfall and an outside refreshment stand, along with places to sit and relax. Castle Hill is a historic park that gives dramatic and breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Ocean, Nice

It’s refreshing to stop and take in the ocean breeze after a long day of walking the city. You can walk the sandy beach, walk the iconic Promenade des Anglais, or standing at the look out point at street level beneath Castle Hill for a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Ocean.

Aerial View of
Nice, France

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