Saying Goodbye to Christmas Time at the Disneyland Resort- Anaheim California

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Just a few more days left for all the Christmas magic at the Happiest Place on Earth to be gone!  If you are in Southern California for the next few days, stop by the “Happiest Place on Earth” to see Christmas at its best!  

The magic starts as you walk through Downtown Disney to the entrance gates of Disneyland.  The fluorescent green, blue and orange colored trees in the planters will grab your attention to display the magic that is still to follow.  Even the window displays at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney will bring a smile to your face.

Downtown Disneyland

You are bound to see Minnie and Mickey in the area beyond the entrance gates to the park, taking pictures with all of their fans.  Of course, many of the characters, including Mickey and Minnie will be wearing their best Christmas outfits.  

The gigantic Christmas tree at the circle of Main Street is an eye-catching place for photos and selfies. Straight onward up Main Street, you can see the enchanting and magical, Sleeping Beauty’s castle that lights up after sundown.  It’s hard to capture the beauty of the castle in a photo but it’s worth trying.

Christmas Tree at Disneyland Resort
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Christmas Time

The Haunted Mansion is decked out with The Nightmare Before Christmas theme.  Jack Skellington is at the entrance to greet you and the inside of the mansion is enhanced with decorations from the movie.  If you are fan of the movie it’s a must see.

It’s a Small World is also a must see at Christmas time.  The façade of It’s A Small World is transformed with thousands of bright and colorful lights.  Once you get to the front of the line, you will board a boat and ride through the waters of It’s A Small World to lands of singing children of all nations.  The attention to detail inside the ride is simply over the top.  Every land has been reimagined to its Christmas version of itself.  I can’t say enough good things about this ride, it will not disappoint.

It’s A Small World at the Disneyland Resort
It’s a Small World Disneyland Resort at Christmas Time

The evening Disneyland Christmas parade is spectacle not to be missed.  You will see everything from skating snowflakes, the Frozen float with Anna, Elsa and Olaf, dancing gingerbread men, Aurora, Buzz Lightyear, and of course Santa Claus himself.  If you can’t make it this year, keep it on your bucket list for 2021 if you’re a Disney fanatic!

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