Coachella Valley at Thanksgiving- 2019

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Growing up in the Coachella Valley we rarely experienced snowfall.  This Thanksgiving, on our way to the Coachella Valley it started snowing in the Beaumont area. The snowfall created a bumper to bumper situation, as traffic slowed to a crawl.  But, as it rarely snows in these parts, I’m assuming most people didn’t mind.  The white stuff started piling up on the sides of Interstate 10 and in the palm tree fronds.  

Snowing on Interstate 10- Beaumont, California
Coachella Valley- San Jacinto Mountains

On Interstate 10, east of the Morongo Casino, you can find the two dinosaurs that have become a selfie mecca.  Hundreds of people pull off the Main Street exit to take selfies with Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr Rex.  They are a roadside attraction that hosts a gift shop and museum in Cabazon, California.  (Deets are below.)

Over the weekend, we caught some pictures of the huge iconic white windmills.  The gigantic metal windmills looked bizarre with the snowy mountain caps in the background and the dry desert at their feet.  They reminded me of a strange apparatus from a Star Wars movie. 

Snow Covered San Gorgonio Mountains
Coachella Valley- Westbound Along Interstate 10

The Coachella Valley has become popular because it hosts the musical Coachella Fest every year in the spring.  But to those of us who grew up there, it holds a special place of nostalgia and childhood memories.  Though it’s a growing area, some of us remember the vast spaces of beautiful unadulterated desert.  The memories will forever live in our minds and at every trip bring a smile to our faces.

Snow Covered San Jacinto Mountains
Coachella Valley Windmills

Here are the deets:  The Cabazon Dinosaurs are located at 50770 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230 (Exit Main Street).  The Cabazon Dinosaurs entrance cost is $13 Adults, $11 Kids, $10 Military with ID and Seniors, Kids 2 and under are free.

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