Multicolor Mural of Shakespeare in London

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In London, you’ll find artwork in the museums and out on the streets. London boasts a rich street culture. A great example is the multicolor mural of Shakespeare on the Southbank of the River Thames.

To find this mural head towards the Globe Theater. The Globe is a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s original theater where his plays are still performed. Once you pass the globe, continue East along the river towards Borough Market. After a five minute walk, you’ll be greeted by a giant, multicolor mural of Shakespeare.

The artwork is by James Cochran, an Australian artist, who is also known as Jimmy C.  The rich use of color stand out from its home under a railroad track. The mural is located at 1 Clink St, London SE1 9DG, United Kingdom.

If you find yourself in London, consider a walk along the Thames and stop by to take your picture with Shakespeare.

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