L’atelier de Torréfaction, Paris

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L’atelier de Torréfaction is a coffee shop near Place de la Bastille in Paris.  We took the metro from our hotel to Place de la Bastille. We were exploring the area and came across a quaint looking lane – Cour Damoye. As we walked through the open metal gates our nasal passages were smiling all the way to the front doors of the coffee roaster with the bright red canisters, L’atelier de Torréfaction.

L’atelier de Torréfaction is located on Cour Damoye
What’s in these bright red canisters? 
Looking South at Cour Damoye towards Place de la Bastille
Coffee beans so fresh they were still in the bag they are shipped in
Coffee beans are roasted on the premises and made into a glorious cup of mojo
He likes his black but I prefer mine served with a side of cream for a cafe creme
We appreciated the presentation and attention to detail
A great place to stop, rest and recharge with a fabulous cup of coffee!
In the shop was a picture of Cour Damoye from days gone by

Curiosity always gets the best of us and we are drawn to off the beaten path places like this. Our blog is called Cafes and Alleyways, and L’atelier de Torréfaction is a perfect example of the types of places we enjoy visiting. L’atelier de Torréfaction offered both the “Cafe” and the “Alleyway”. If you’re in the Bastille area of Paris, seek out L’atelier de Torréfaction, you’ll be glad you did.

L’atelier de Torréfaction is located at 12, Place de la Bastille – Cour Damoye, 75011 Paris, France