Timeless Spa at the Al Maha, A Marriott Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

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It was our time to relax at the Al Maha Luxury Desert Resort and Spa. Nestled among the sands and palm groves outside of Dubai you will find this serene and majestic place.

Al Maha Luxury Resort and Spa

It’s considered among one of the best hotels in the world. It is situated on the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve about 70 minutes from Dubai by car.

Wild life are free to roam to and fro, so be on your guard.
Entrance to Timeless Spa and Main Pool

The spa has an exotic feel and we experienced exceptional customer service, not only at the spa but throughout our stay.

Gazelle at Spa Entrance

First, we were greeted at the spa entrance by a gazelle, one of the natives often seen prancing throughout the resort and around the Bedouin suites.

Once inside, hallways will lead to the gym, outdoor main pool, lounge area, massage rooms, or the plunge pool.

Hallway to Lounge Area
Gym at the Spa
Main Pool at the Spa, notice the open desert in the background
Locker Room at the Spa
Showers at the Spa
Indoor Plunge Pool
Here’s a lounge area where guests can relax before or after a treatment
Waiting area in the Spa

The indoor waiting area is a quiet place with a water trickling fountain and where hot tea with dates are served.  

The massage rooms are tranquil and face the outside main pool. Our massage therapist gave us some time to change our clothes and to make ourselves comfortable.

Massage Room at the Spa

The warm oil massage was a calming and the aromatherapy (straight from Paris) relaxed all of the senses.

Warm Oil Massage- Charme D’Orient

To the rear of the spa is the outdoor main pool.  There are several sitting areas, lounges and umbrellas for relaxation. It was an inviting and peaceful ambiance that allowed us to enjoy the pool and bask in the glorious desert sun.

Outdoor Main Pool at the Spa

The view beyond the pool is of the Dubai Conservation Reserve, where you might catch a glimpse of a camel trek going by.

Outdoor Sitting Area by the Main Pool

After traveling for so many hours to actually get there, the spa experience was perfect in every way.