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On a recent trip we had a 11 hour, overnight layover in Abu Dhabi.  Our incoming flight landed in Abu Dhabi at 9:40 pm.  Our connecting flight left the next morning at 8:45 am.  That adds up to an 11 hour layover. We decided the best plan was to get a hotel room and try to get some sleep. We looked at hotel options close to the airport and decided on Aerotel.

Aerotel is not only close to the airport, it’s in the terminal. Aerotel is located airside, within the transit area of Terminal one. If Abu Dhabi is your layover, you don’t need to pass through immigration, or passport control. You will however go through security upon landing at Abu Dhabi before entering the main terminal area.  

Where’s It’s Located

Once past security, you can follow the “Airport Hotel” signs which are posted throughout the terminal.

Aerotel Abu Dhabi
Aerotel Abu Dhabi
Aerotel Abu Dhabi

Don’t Go the Wrong “Aerotel”

Aerotel operates a second facility at the Abu Dhabi airport called “Refreshhh by Aerotel”. It offers nap cabins that can be rented by the hour.  Airport employees initially directed us to this “Aerotel”.  

If staff are directing you a hotel in Terminal Three, they’re sending you to Refreshhh by Aerotel. The Aerotel that you’re looking for is located in Terminal One.

Aerotel Abu Dhabi
This Is Not The Aerotel You’re Looking For
Aerotel Abu Dhabi
Aerotel Has A Handout That Shows the Correct Location
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi__0487
This Is The Aerotel with Full Sized Hotel Rooms

Checking In

Checking in was quick and easy.  Because the room was prepaid, we only needed to present was my passport and boarding pass.  And yes, per their website, a boarding pass is a requirement for check-in. 

Aerotel Abu Dhabi is located within the departures (airport restricted) area at Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1. You must be in possession of a valid boarding pass and travel document to access Aerotel Abu Dhabi (From their website)

We were told that check-out was at 7:30 am. The check in and check out time seems to be connected to each unique booking. 

Navigating To Your Room

After check-in, take the elevator up one level to where the rooms are located.  

Aerotel Abu Dhabi
Notice That Both the Lounge Reception and the Rooms Are Up One Floor

As a heads up, once you exit the elevator, you’ll be looking at the check-in counter for the Premium Lounge.  Don’t let that throw you off. Aerotel shares space with the Premium Lounge.  As you’re facing the lounge check in desk, immediately to your left is the hallway that will take you to where the rooms are located. 

Aerotel Abu Dhabi
The Hallway To The Rooms

The Room

The room was simple but clean.

Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi__0493
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi__0494
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi


Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi
Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi
Aerotel Abu Dhabi

The only complaint was that the room had a strange smell. There was a sign in the room that indicated additional precautions were being taken because of the coronavirus. Perhaps the smell came from a cleaning solution.

Proximity to Lounges

Aerotel is located next to three different lounges. This makes a nearby option for food and beverage if you have lounge access.

  • The Plaza Premium Lounge Abu Dhabi – This is the lounge which shares space with Aerotel. It partners with Priority Pass. 
  • The Al Reem Lounge – This lounge is also accessible via Priority Pass. 
  • The Etihad Business Class Lounge – The big Etihad lounge is in Terminal Three. The terminal one lounge, next to Aerotel is a scaled down version. Reaching this lounge requires navigating a series of hallways and stairs that take you through what looks like an employee area of the airport.   


We booked a standard room for two people, and paid for it using bank points.  If we had paid cash, the room would have cost around $160 for two people.

Aerotel_ Abu_Dhabi

In Conclusion

Aerotel worked out great for what it was, a place to sleep during a long, overnight layover.  If we find ourselves in Abu Dhabi for another layover, I would consider a repeat visit.  

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