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As we walk towards the cafe, the lingering coffee aroma draws us to a place of all things coffee! A favorite stop in London is Monmouth Coffee Company. This popular coffee company started back in 1978 in Covent Garden, London.

Don’t let the often long lines detour you from experiencing this coffee lovers delight. On the menu we find a selection of filtered coffee, espresso, pour overs and lattes just to mention a few. We patiently waited in line to order a freshly made flat white and cafe americano. While waiting, I notice there were no pastries behind the counter. I asked the barista about it and she pointed us to a long wooden counter with a plethora of pastries. 

flaky almond croissant monmouth coffee

On the wooden counter we found almond croissants sprinkled with powdered sugar, gooey cinnamon rolls, pain au chocolat filled with creamy chocolate morsels and cupcakes.  It’s a self serve system so if you’d like to buy a sweet treat, grab the metal tongs hanging on the wall, fill the baggy, take it to the barista and they will ring you up. The almond croissants were so moist and flaky that we bought four extra to eat along the way. 

With coffee and almond croissants in hand, we looked for a place to sit. White bowls of golden sugar adorn the communal table inviting us to sit, enjoy our drinks and spark up a conversation with the person next to us. The cafe tables are scattered with newspapers and reading material for our enjoyment. We decide to sit at the communal table and sip our delicious, earthy coffees and enjoy the pastries. Some people come in rapidly, order their drinks and leave quickly as if to head back to work. Others have the time as we do to relax and enjoy scenery.

There’s excitement in the air as we overlook the busy Borough Market street life. Large windows along the cafe make that easy to do. With all its sights and smells, Borough Market is an unforgettable experience. 

The coffee bean offerings range from Kenya, Ethiopia, El Salvador and many other places. Monmouth believes in being a sustainable, fair and equal trade coffee company. If you find yourself in this London neighborhood, make sure to stop by and experience this warm, cozy and inviting cafe. 

Monmouth Coffee Company, Borough Market- 2 Park St, London SE1 9AB, United Kingdom

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