Chez Janou, A Quintessential Parisian Cafe

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Chez Janou is a provencal bistro within walking distance from the Bastille in Paris.  We arrived between the lunch and dinner hours and took a seat under the brightly covered awning. As the peripheral noise of the hustle and bustle disappears, we ordered our favorite coffee drinks, a cafe creme and an americano.  There were no interruptions except for the occasional, and I mean occasional wait staff that comes by to check on us.

The Bastille Monument
Chez Janou Provencal Bistro

As the cool afternoon breeze rustles the leaves of the vines by my table, I start to daydream about this magical and incomparable place that is Paris.  Paris is like no other city and it’s said you either love it, or you dislike it, personally I happen to love it!  I could spend hours sitting here sipping my cafe creme and watching the world go by.  

Parisians around me were enjoying afternoon drinks and complimentary bowls of delicious plump olives.  I can overhear their conversations, and French being such a beautiful language, is easy on the ears.  (I’m reminded to get back to my french Rosetta Stone lessons.)

Chez Janou is tucked away off the beaten path and it can get jammed packed in the evening with the dinner crowd.  I would suggest making reservations so you don’t miss out on a great meal, dessert and the Parisian ambiance. 

One of the best desserts on the menu is their decadent Mousse Au Chocolat!  The Mousse Au Chocolat bowl is brought to your table and you are allowed to scoop out as much you can eat.  Though that might sound amazing, the mousse is so rich that a couple of heaping spoonful will satisfy most appetites.  The bowl is soon whisked away to the next table awaiting their turn.  You won’t mind this different serving style for as soon as you put a spoonful of this chocolate concoction into your mouth, you’ll forget about everything else.  It’s a chocolate lover’s paradise!

Chez Janou continues to be one of our favorite stops in Paris.  If you’re looking for a true Parisian Bistro experience you’ve come to the right place.  

Chez Janou- 2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris, France

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