Covid Testing During our Stay at the Hyatt Zilara in Cancun

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Those who travel abroad are currently required to complete a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of returning to the United States.  The PCR test detects the presence of a virus if you are infected at the time of the test. 

On our recent trip to Cancun, Mexico, we had to factor this requirement into our trip planning.  Our choice of hotel made this relatively simple. 

The Hyatt Zilara is our go-to hotel in Cancun, Mexico. As we found out, the Hyatt Zilara offers a Covid-19 nose swab test free of charge for their guests.  The test meets the requirement for re-entry into the United States. 

Upon arrival and before stepping into the lobby our temperature was taken and hand sanitizer was offered.

Covid Testing Cancun Zilara

At check-in we scheduled the first appointment to submit our passport information, fill out medical questionnaires and make the appointment for the actual Covid-19 nose swab test.  

Covid testing Cancun Zilara
Covid testing was explained as part of the check-in process.

Completing the test requires two appointments. You cannot schedule the procedure until the end of the first appointment is complete. Think ahead of time what would work best for your stay.  Take into account any excursions or spa appointments you might also be planning, as these are time sensitive appointments that must be kept.

Covid testing Cancun Zilara
This is the appointment slip we were given at check-in.

The first appointment was only offered from 2-6 pm on any given day.  The second appointment for the actual Covid- 19 nose swab test was only offered in the morning hours.

Covid testing Cancun Zilara
The testing area is upstairs and near the spa.

Though the nose swab test can be uncomfortable, the medical staff were very polite and friendly. After your Covid-19 test is complete and results are in, the medical staff transfers your results to Mexico Vuela Seguro via the internet.

Covid testing Cancun Zilara

The tests were completed two days before departure, and the results came the next day. We enjoyed the rest of our stay, and upon check out, headed to the airport.

Covid testing Cancun Zilara

At the airport, a second Covid-related step needed to be completed. This step was required by the Mexican Government. It’s a health questionnaire completed on the Mexico Vuela Seguro website. This is done after check-in prior to security.  You cannot pass security without entering your health questionnaire information to the website. We were unaware of this step and recommend that you give yourself a little time to complete it.

Covid testing Cancun Zilara
Covid testing Cancun Zilara
Vuela Seguro Website

Once you have entered your information the site, the site will populate a QR Code for you which then must be scanned by the airport official.  The QR Code will validate your Covid-19 test results from the hotel.  You will see a green stripe with an icon of an airplane and checkmark next to it if you are okay to pass.

Covid Testing Cancun
The Vuela Seguro information must be filled out prior to security.

This whole process can be a bit stressful but it is unavoidable for your return trip home. Cancun is a beautiful place to vacation and totally worth the hoops that must be jumped to get there and return home.

Covid testing Cancun Zilara

Hyatt Zilara Cancun, Mexico