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Do you dream of traveling?  Want to travel more for less?  You’re in the right place!  Welcome to the world of points and miles.  Points and miles can help ordinary people travel to extraordinary places.  In this series we’ll look at practical steps to earn miles and save money while traveling more.  To get started, let’s do some dreaming…

Where can Points and Miles take You?  

Chances are you found this article because you want to travel.  If you could go anywhere, where can points and miles take you?

  • Perhaps you dream of a visit to Paris, the city of lights.  
  • Maybe it’s a full-blown family vacation to Disneyworld.  
  • How about laying on a white sand beach in the Caribbean?

Points and miles can make a big difference in realizing your travel dreams, so start thinking about the possibilities!  

Traveling the world is a possibility.  

Many people want to travel, but money is an obstacle.  It’s true that travel costs money, but we’ll show you how to get thousands of dollars in travel for less than you expect.  It’s not a secret trick, it’s maximizing travel through points and miles.  If you chose to employ some of these widely available strategies, travel may not be as far away as you think.  Exploring the world is a possibility for the many, not just the few.  

Points and Miles can help ordinary people travel to extraordinary places. 

 Let me share a little of our story.  For much of our lives we focused on budget travel which often involved staying with relatives.  This was a good way to take vacations and stay connected with people we cared about.  Then over time we wanted to expand our travel to include more international trips, it was around this time that we discovered the world of points and miles.  Little by little we learned to earn and redeem hotel points and airline miles.  As a result, the world of travel opened up to new levels.  We’ve had the privilege of…

  • Staying in a renovated palace that overlooks the grand canal in Venice 
  • Eating filet mignon while flying in an airplane seat that turns into a bed
  • Lounging on day bed at an an all-inclusive hotel in Cancun

If we paid cash, these trips would be sky high!  Instead, we booked these adventures using points and miles.  We’ve experienced once-in-a-lifetime trips with the help of widely available rewards that can be earned by average, everyday people.  Points and miles can help ordinary people travel to extraordinary places.  

Interested in learning more?  

In this series, we’ll lay out the practical steps to travel more for less.  We’ll discuss topics like: 

Conclusion: Points and miles can make extraordinary travel possible for everyday people.  Are you ready to take the next step?  If so, let’s go to the next step: Look and Learn Before You Leap

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