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The following are three recent posts which take a mathematical look at points and miles.

Placing Our Bet

What’s better, a cashback card, or a card that earns transferable, yet cashable points?  To help make the decision, we take an approach more likely to appear at a poker game, than a flyertalk forum.  Read more at

Placing Our Bet points and miles

Is the Discover It Miles Card Really a 3% Card?

Evaluating the Discover 3% card

The Discover It Miles card is touted as a 3% Cashback card. But the first-year value of the Discover it Miles Card needs to be evaluated in terms of how the 3% is delivered: As a combination of both the ongoing earn rate, plus the value of the one-time, lump sum, sign-up bonus.  As such, it should be compared and contrasted to the total first year value proposition of alternate cards.  See more at

How to Value Points and Miles


How much is an American Airline mile worth?  What about a Chase Ultimate Reward Point? In this article we lay out a simple four step process to correctly value a point or mile, based on how much that point or mile is worth to you.

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