Frequent Miler Goes the Extra Mile

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Our respect for the team at Frequent Miler just went up.

A Quick Background

In the points and miles space, it’s not unusual for blogs to make money from readers who apply for credit cards using links on their website.  When the reader is approved for the card, the blog/blogger receives compensation. In light of this, it would make sense for bloggers to post credit card links that directed the money into their pockets. In some cases, the links posted, benefit the blogger, but are not for the best available credit card offers.

Readers Come First Philosophy

Frequent Miler has a practice of showing readers the best sign up offers for available credit cards. This is true whether or not they have an affiliate link by which to personally profit from the potential credit card sign-up.  It’s refreshing to see a blog focused on what’s best for their readership. We appreciate Frequent Miler's "Readers Come First" philosophy, but that's not what this post is about. They’ve taken it a step further to help others.

What's Happening Now

At the time of writing, the best welcome bonus for the Amex Platinum card includes 100,000 membership points for spending $5000 in the first three month, 10x on grocery and gas for up to $15,000 in spending during the first three months, and a one-time $200 credit at select home furnishing stores.

It’s a great offer, but as far as we can tell, it’s not publicly available. This offer is only accessible through the personal referral links of current card holders who are specially targeted for this heightened welcome bonus.  In line with their commitment to show the best offer. Frequent Miler has come up with a creative and generous approach to displaying the Amex Platinum 100k/10/$200 offer on their blog.

How it’s Working

Frequent Miler has a Facebook group - "Frequent Miler Insiders". Members of this private facebook group have been invited to share their personal referral links for this heightened offer. The team at Frequent Miler is then placing these personal referral links on as that day’s official Amex Platinum sign-up link.

As visitors to click the link and apply for the card, that group member can earn up to 55,000 Membership Reward points as a referral bonus. The team at Frequent Miler is rotating through these personal links of their facebook members, and Facebook members are getting a turn at earning referral bonuses.

Our household has used one of these links to apply for a card. We also benefited by sharing our links as part of this rotating opportunity.  Since we've benefited, it's right to say thanks.

Thanks to Frequent Miler

Frequent Miler’s decision is a great move that benefits the larger points and miles community and we wanted to call attention to it. Thanks to the team at Frequent Miler.