Giftcardmall no longer offering $500 Visa Gift Cards?

Giftcardmall recently took two negative steps for those who earn points and miles via Visa gift cards. This includes: 1) Eliminating free shipping. 2) Limiting portal payouts to $2000 of purchases a month. Has Giftcardmall taken another limiting step? The website currently shows that the maximum value for a Visa Gift card is $250. The fee stays the same at $5.95. Is this a glitch, or a permanent change? We'll keep our eyes out regarding this development. P.S. Thanks to Chris K for pointing this out.

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Crossing the Dubai Creek

On a recent trip to Dubai, we visited the old part of the city and had the opportunity to ride across the creek by Abra. Part of the public transportation in Dubai are the Abras, which are boats that ferry people along the Dubai Creek. We hopped on at Deira Old Souk Abra Station, after visiting the Spice and Gold Souks. Our trip would take us from the Deira Old Souk Abra station, and across the creek to the Bur Dubai Abra Station. The cost for a one way trip across the creek is 1 AED, or about 27 cents…

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Mandhoo Restaurant- Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The Mandhoo Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island, is a restaurant not to be missed. It was recommended to us by other guests, we took the chance, and so happy we did! The food was impressive, fresh and delicious. Mandoo Restaurant- Conrad Maldives Entrance to Mandhoo Restaurant With views to the Laccadive Sea that are unmatched and as beautiful as they come.   As you walk in, the open kitchen is to your left and the breathtaking views all around. The Mandhoo Restaurant prides itself in serving meals with balance from the 5 elements that form the foundation for…

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Camel Trek at Sunset at the Al Maha Resort

Our stay at the Al Maha Resort included two complementary activities each day.  There were seven complementary activities to choose from.  FalconryNature WalkGhaf Tree WalkWild Life DriveCamel TrekSundownersArchery Guests are matched up with a field guide, and the field guide will help arrange the activities. One of the activities we couldn't miss out on was the camel trek.  Guests ride by camel into the desert to watch the sunset. We enjoyed drinks and snacks as the sun went down over the Arabian desert. We met at the main reception area, and then proceeded to the edge of the resort where a caravan of…

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Earn Points Through Credit Card Sign Ups – Part 2: Ten Steps to Follow

Do you want to earn a large number of points and miles for travel? Here are ten steps to earn points and miles through credit card sign ups. When it comes to earning points and miles, the biggest bang for the buck is usually the welcome bonuses offered by credit card companies.  It’s common to see offers of 50,000 – 100,000 points for signing up for a single card.  In this article we’ll share ten steps to consider when you sign up for a credit card.  This article is part of a series in which we lay out steps to save money…

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Poker, Points and Miles

The following are three recent posts which take a mathematical look at points and miles. Placing Our Bet What’s better, a cashback card, or a card that earns transferable, yet cashable points?  To help make the decision, we take an approach more likely to appear at a poker game, than a flyertalk forum.  Read more at Is the Discover It Miles Card Really a 3% Card? The Discover It Miles card is touted as a 3% Cashback card. But the first-year value of the Discover it Miles Card needs to be evaluated in terms of how the 3% is delivered: As a…

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Arabian Tea House- Old Town Dubai

It was a warm breezy day when we headed off to Old Town Dubai from our hotel in the Jumeriah Beach area of Dubai.   We first stopped by the Old Souk Markets, then walked across the street and took a boat over Dubai Creek into Old Town Dubai. Old Town Dubai Souqs Dubai Creek Marina Across the street is the Deira Old Souk Marine Transport Station.  Just get in line, buy a ticket, then jump in the boat when it’s your turn.  It’s a quick and smooth ride across Dubai Creek to Old Town Dubai. Old Souk Marine Transport Station Dubai Creek…

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How to Value Points and Miles

How much is an American Airline mile worth? What about a Chase Ultimate Reward Point? In this article we’ll layout a simple process for how to value points and miles. Specifically, on how to value points and miles based on your unique travel habits. Travel blogs might value a Citi ThankYou Point between 1.6-1.7 cents a point.  But how much is a Citi Thankyou point worth to you? In this article we share four simple steps on how to value a point or mile.  Without further ado.  Here we go:  Step 1 - Create a List of Ways in Which You Will Potentially…

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Exploring The Discover it Miles Card as a “3%” Card

If you’re someone in the points and miles community, you’ve heard of earning 3% with the Discover Miles It card. But if you go to and search for their Discover it Miles “3%” card, you’ll come up empty.  And a reason you won’t find a “3%” card leads to the topic I want to explore.  In what way is this a 3% card? First a quick overview of the card.  When you go to, you’ll “discover” that the Discover it Miles Card earns 1.5% cashback on all spending (they call it miles).  So how does a card that earns 1.5% turn into…

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