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Claude Monet returned to the Italian Riviera this past spring and it was a special treat to see his paintings.   

Monte Carlo vu de Roquebrune” by Claude Monet

We took the train from our hotel in Nice, France to Ventimiglia, Italy. After arriving, we made our way through the busy train station until we stepped outside and the warm Italian sunshine kissed our faces. From there, we walked a couple of blocks to the bus stop and purchased our tickets at at a nearby cafe. The bus would make the windy trip to the mountain village of Dolceacqua.

Mountain village of Dolceacqua


Le Chateau de Dolceacqua” by Claude Monet

Stepping off the bus our attention was drawn to the castle on the small hill to our right.  We walked over the medieval bridge to Castello Doria. 

As we walked upward to the castle we noticed the huge signage at the entrance of Castello Doria.  It read “Claude Monet Ritorno In Riviera”.  Wow!  We were minutes from seeing the  impressionist work of the master himself, Claude Monet.


The exhibition hosted two paintings from Claude Monet. First, “Le Chateau de Dolceacqua” and second, “Monte Carlo vu de Roquebrune”.  Never in my wildest dreams would I image that I would being seeing these amazing works of art.  The paintings were displayed in a dark room with black velvet covering all the walls.  The only lights came from portrait lights shining downward on the paintings like a halo illuminating the masterpiece.


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