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Turkish Air Cafes and Alleyways

Booking Turkish Air Business Class to Israel

May 18, 2022

As airline prices surge, points and miles can make a big difference in stretching the travel budget.  We experienced this when booking a great deal on a business class flight to the Middle East.  Our first stop on the Middle East trip is Israel and we wanted a flight we could book with points and miles. Turkish Airlines offered a one-way business class flight for 45,000 airline miles plus, $233.60 in taxes (per person).  The business class flight departs from Dallas, flies to Istanbul, and then connects through to Tel Aviv.  Turkish Airlines is not an airline we considered much in the past, […]

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Spice Souq Dubai

A Visit Through the Souqs of Dubai

December 6, 2021

Our trip to Dubai included a half day at the Souqs of Dubai. These markets are a fun place to wander through the old part of Dubai. We caught a taxi from the hotel which dropped us off right outside the Spice (or herbs) Souq. The sights and smells of the spices abound Upon leaving the spice souq we walked towards a road with many small shops. The shops were filled with souvenirs and saturated with bright color. If you’re interested in buying, haggling for a good price is part of the shopping experience. Whatever you are shopping for you, […]

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Timeless Spa at the Al Maha, A Marriott Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

November 17, 2021

It was our time to relax at the Al Maha Luxury Desert Resort and Spa. Nestled among the sands and palm groves outside of Dubai you will find this serene and majestic place. It’s considered among one of the best hotels in the world. It is situated on the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve about 70 minutes from Dubai by car. The spa has an exotic feel and we experienced exceptional customer service, not only at the spa but throughout our stay. First, we were greeted at the spa entrance by a gazelle, one of the natives often seen prancing throughout […]

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La Mer Beachfront

La Mer Beach Dubai – Beachfront

November 12, 2021

La Mer Beach is a great stop when visiting Dubai.  It includes a collection of restaurants, shops, a water park, and of course… a beach.  In an earlier post we covered the street art at La Mer,  in this post we look at the beachfront. A variety of restaurants line the beachside walkway La Mer Beach was a fun place to spend time. If you’re in Dubai, and your schedule allows, consider a visit. You may also enjoy the following posts on Dubai Ritz Carlton Dubai- Review of Room and Hotel Grounds Ritz Carlton Dubai- Review of Club Lounge and Lobby Lounge Arabian […]

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Remember That a Trip to Rome Was Not Built in a Day

November 12, 2021

Travel blogs can portray a picture of non-stop travel in luxury hotels and first-class flights.  These trips are certainly possible, but like the fine print regarding the person in the weight loss commercial who lost 50 pounds, in small print it says “results not typical”. Miles and points do allow ordinary people to travel to extraordinary places, but it takes time and effort to earn those miles.  Dream of where miles and points can take you, but also be realistic as you get started.   We’ll help point you in the right direction if you want to travel more using points […]

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grand canal venice

Video – Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

September 27, 2021

A view of the Grand Canal from our room at the Gritti Palace in Venice.    If you’re interested in the Gritti Palace Hotel, here are some photos and quick write up from our stay.

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Ordinary People Traveling to Extraordinary Places

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Our passion to travel takes us to cafes and alleyways around the world. From neighborhood cafes in Paris to a street market in London, we’ll take the road less traveled to hidden gems, new experiences and mouth watering eateries.

Whether it’s your first time abroad or you’re an accomplished traveler, we’ll share inspiration and tips for traveling the world.  Let’s pack our bags, grab our passports, relax in our seats…we’re now ready for take off!

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