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Arabian Tea House- Old Town Dubai

May 7, 2020

It was a warm breezy day when we headed off to Old Town Dubai from our hotel in the Jumeriah Beach area of Dubai.   We first stopped by the Old Souk Markets, then walked across the street and took a boat over Dubai Creek into Old Town Dubai. Across the street is the Deira Old Souk Marine Transport Station.  Just get in line, buy a ticket, then jump in the boat when it’s your turn.  It’s a quick and smooth ride across Dubai Creek to Old Town Dubai. Once we got off the boat, we took a leisurely walk through the old […]

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Amex Covid benefits

Overview of Amex Covid Benefits

May 4, 2020

Amex posted a one-stop overview in which they list all Covid-related benefits by card.

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How to Value Points and Miles

April 23, 2020

How much is an American Airline mile worth? What about a Chase Ultimate Reward Point? In this article we’ll layout a simple process for how to value points and miles. Specifically, on how to value points and miles based on your unique travel habits. Travel blogs might value a Citi ThankYou Point between 1.6-1.7 cents a point.  But how much is a Citi Thankyou point worth to you? In this article we share four simple steps on how to value a point or mile.  Without further ado.  Here we go:  Step 1 – Create a List of Ways in Which You Will Potentially […]

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Evaluating the Discover 3% card

Exploring The Discover it Miles Card as a “3%” Card

April 17, 2020

If you’re someone in the points and miles community, you’ve heard of earning 3% with the Discover Miles It card. But if you go to and search for their Discover it Miles “3%” card, you’ll come up empty.  And a reason you won’t find a “3%” card leads to the topic I want to explore.  In what way is this a 3% card? First a quick overview of the card.  When you go to, you’ll “discover” that the Discover it Miles Card earns 1.5% cashback on all spending (they call it miles).  So how does a card that earns 1.5% turn into […]

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Adding to the Mix feature

Adding to the Mix – Four Credit Cards to Consider In a Points Earning Strategy

April 17, 2020

We recently wrote in article in which we compared a cash back card to a card that earns transferable, but cashable points.  For the cashback card we used an imaginary 2% card.  For transferable points we used the Chase Freedom Unlimited.  The article prompted some good discussion.  People brought up cards such as… The Discover it Miles Card at 3% The Amex Blue Business Plus which has the potential to cash out at 2.5% The Citi Double Cash at 2% The Bank of America card at 2.625% Those are four great cards.  Each offers an appealing overall value to the cardholder.  We personally use all four of the […]

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Shimmers on the Beach- Dubai, UAE

April 7, 2020

We took a cab from the Ritz Carlton Hotel to Jumeriah Mina A’ Salam.  It’s one of the Jumeriah Group properties, also home to Shimmers on the Beach.   Our cab driver was a little confused as to specifically where we were going.   The Jumeriah properties are very close together so it can be confusing.  Try and have a map if possible to show your driver. It’s quite a walk from the front of the hotel to Shimmers, so allow yourself enough time so you aren’t late.  Jumeriah Mina A’ Salam is a boutique property steps from the beach. We made our reservation for 3:45 […]

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Ordinary People Traveling to Extraordinary Places

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Our passion to travel takes us to cafes and alleyways around the world. From neighborhood cafes in Paris to a street market in London, we’ll take the road less traveled to hidden gems, new experiences and mouth watering eateries.

Whether it’s your first time abroad or you’re an accomplished traveler, we’ll share inspiration and tips for traveling the world.  Let’s pack our bags, grab our passports, relax in our seats…we’re now ready for take off!

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